Language Translation is not a mechanical or a very rigidly followed set of rules. A high-quality translation cannot be done just by learning a few languages. It is a highly specialized skill that requires considerable study and practice. This becomes even more important in the case of advertising and publicity materials which try to induce the targeted customer by dealing with their level of understanding.

Simple translation of your content into your customer’s native language is not enough to drag customer’s attention or to achieve success in global markets. You need to ensure that your site is localized for audiences in your target market. Optimization of your site for the most popular search engines in your target region is also important. We provide a bespoke professional website translation service for corporate websites, eCommerce retailers, technology and online gaming companies to ensure that they can maximize their global reach. We have the most appropriate team of professionals for your website localization. We also ensure the cultural knowledge and expertise to engage with your target audience – regardless of their culture, tradition, language or any prevailing rule in the region.

For your website to rank in the global platform and to make your customers understand better about your company’s product and services, the source language is not enough. Because, it might miss out some potential customers in that way. Website localization breaks that barrier and makes customers more comfortable using your website and thus knowing your services better. More user friendly UI, instinctive UX and powerful API can uplift customers satisfaction. In localizing a SaaS site, one of the frequently occurring design related problems is with the space occupied by the text. The number of letters required to express a particular word in different languages are different. So that sometimes even leads to changes in your websites layout. So, website localization not only requires knowledge of translation, but requires some technical knowledge too. Here in Transoplanet, we offer professional translation services for website localization that are performed only by well experience and skilled professionals.