Whether mythological, cultural, traditional, spiritual or any religious texts- these are not just words, these are emotion to people.

Having a message or any religious belief to pass across to millions of individuals with variety of languages across the globe, translation is a must. But, do you feel worried that translation of religious text may result in conveying a wrong message? Or the actual spirit of the original text might be missed out in translation from the source language? Well, it’s still a controversy worldwide. In our history and even in this present era, whenever holy scriptures are translated issues arise about their accuracy and delivery of proper meaning of the words of God!

Unlike translation of business documents, legal documents, educational documents, certificates or medical documents, translation of religious texts are not just information based. Religious document involves people’s faith and believe in their religion. It is not only associated with their religious sentiment but also their spiritual guidance. So, it is very important to convey the right message along with maintaining the religious emotion of people while translating a holy text and here in Transoplanet we always emphasis on such factors.

We have well experienced and certified translators for religious translation who are native of the targeted language and also possess religious knowledge. They are well versed of the religious facts and beliefs and understand and respect the spirituality of a particular religion. We guarantee the love, care, respect and admiration that are essential for high quality religious translation. As most of the holy books in India are written in Sanskrit, Urdu and Arabic, we have specialized translators for these languages along with some rare languages for religious translation. We provide religious translation service for over 32 languages worldwide for a wide number of religions and we ensure perfection and excellence in each and every project of our clients.

Here is a list regarding religious translation services that we can provide for you:

  •            Holy books
  •            Brochures
  •            Websites
  •            Guides and training manuals
  •            Instructions
  •            Scriptures etc.