The need for subtitling in translation is vigorous. While able to consume the visuals the viewers are also able to understand what the speaker said as the subtitles in the video narrate the lines of the speaker in viewers native language. Without the addition of subtitles, one may not be able to catch the intended meaning of the video contained in verbal communications. While subtitling it is also very important to keep in mind that in word to word translation the actual meaning of the message should not be missed and it should not sound very awkward.  

Here in Transoplanet, we offer global quality subtitling that makes proper logic and sense for all types of programming for the audience’s around the globe. Our experienced and industry trusted subtitling artistes provide subtitles for documents in multiple languages and it will be completed within the given time- that is guaranteed.  In order to make the reading of each word consistent, our professionals provide exact subtitling matched accurately with the relevant portion of the video.

We are proficient in adding impressive subtitles to any existing video material as well as to several other voices over tracks in more than one target language.