Professional Bengali subtitling services

With the increasing demand of mobile apps and games, it has become a popular subject for the techs and developers to work on related varieties of mobile apps and games. Along with mobile app development, when developers want globalization of their application, they come up for app translation for various languages. If an app is gaining traffic in a particular country, the developers need translation of their apps for the language of that particular country. Because even if a particular app has attractive features, it could miss out potential customers if not present in native language. Transoplanet provide a huge array of languages worldwide for translation of mobile apps and games. We have native translators for localization who are also well versed with technical terms and terminologies, experienced in working on games and thus give excellent service in their own fields. Moreover, all our mobile games and apps translation projects are scrutinized with experts and only after it is filtered through our smooth management and quality testing procedure, it is delivered to our clients.

Transoplanet is one of the leading providers of mobile games and application localization services in India, having the ability to localize any mobile application for virtually in any market and device and we provide superb service at really affordable rate. Our app localization services allow developers and app owners to easily reach new markets and users by directly translating/localizing the applications without affecting the underlying code. In addition to Android applications, we also localize applications made for Apple, Windows, BlackBerry and Samsung.

Over more than 32 languages worldwide, Transoplanet is providing Apps and Games localization/translation services in the following fields:

  •           Game description
  •           Games sites
  •           Reviews
  •           Announcement
  •           UI localization
  •           Graphic localization
  •           Advertising brochures
  •           Voice over recording etc.